Our Approach

Our passion is helping business owners streamline their process so they can focus on their passion - their business.  Today, too many business owners find themselves buried in the operations of their business rather than being able to focus on the purpose of their business.  Thus, they are losing money and missing out on greater success.  The Office Solutionist is here to provide the guidance business owners need to increase their productivity and enhance their business.

Meet The Office Solutionist

Carol D'Agostino has been managing offices, operations and client relationships for over 20 years with great success. With her expertise in both Administrative and Human Resource operations, she is looking forward to working with business owners to share her knowledge.  Carol works with an Accountant that is highly skilled to handle all aspects of the financial side of any business. She is able to offer guidance and training to ensure your business if running efficiently.

Carol Anne D'Agostino



Carol has Over 25 years of experience in office management and operations in the legal, financial, oil industry and nonprofit arena. In every position held, she has been naturally drawn to assessing the overall business operations to bring about improved policies and procedures.  In some cases introducing an organization to policy and procedure for the very first time.  Her expertise on how to efficiently run an office has opened many doors and provided for a fulfilling and successful career.  Her ability to identify the issues, recommend solutions and work with employers and their staff to bring about change has enabled businesses to thrive. From human resource issues to customer service, she has experienced it all and Carol is ready to share her expertise with business owners that are ready to take their business to the next level!