Position Analysis

A complete assessment of current administrative and management functions with the goal of increasing productivity and streamlining operations. A position analysis is conducted for all administrative and management staff.

HR Analysis

Assessment of current policies in place including: recruitment and selection; new hire process; training and development; health and wellness; compensation structure and review; benefits; performance management; attendance management; recordkeeping and documentation; administration; termination process; management.

Operations Analysis

Review and analysis of process and procedures used in day to day operations of your business. This is in addition to the policies and procedures set forth by HR and the most common area that is lacking within a business structure. This includes, but is not limited to:  meeting facilitation; common office functions that relate to your specific business structure; file organization (electronic or otherwise); systems and technology for tracking business opportunities, client on-boarding process and retention; and accounting process.

Efficiency Consulting

Providing clients with the knowledge, systems and functionality for running a successful streamlined office. After the completion of each analysis, we provide a written summary of our findings and recommendations for process improvement including detailed steps to take in order to achieve increased productivity.

Productivity Coaching

Providing clients with the training and guidance to better organize and operate their office on a daily basis.  This includes working directly with both administrative and management staff to increase their productivity through organization and streamlining process.

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